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Nancy Penaloza!

Certified Spanish Instructor

My name is Nancy Penaloza, and I am the founder of Nova Spanish. I am a native Spanish speaker from South America. I am a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA and a Teaching Certificate in Spanish. I have been in business since 2017.

While living in my country, I held executive positions in different industry fields. I spent over 20 years leading teams, encouraging others, and assisting them in reaching their goals. That experience taught me to motivate, inspire, guide, and coach others. 

During my English learning, I realized that second language acquisition is a process that must be centered on the student’s needs, interests, and goals.

I have a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching. My cultural awareness and intercultural competence are valuable assets in creating an inclusive and respectful learning environment for students from diverse backgrounds.

My corporate experience and Spanish Teaching studies allow me to provide you with the best Spanish learning experience.

I will help you connect to the Hispanic world.

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