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Christin V.

I just started with Nancy and am so happy that I did. So far I have had three lessons and have enjoyed them immensely. I am having fun learning and I can tell she is a passionate teacher. I am excited to keep learning Spanish with Nancy. Highly recommend her!

Kim D.

My lessons with Nancy have been tremendous in growing my language abilities. Starting off with some basic Spanish knowledge, Nancy assessed and catered to where I was at. Our classes together flow organically and I always leave feeling more confident in my abilities.

William P.

She is great at teaching the basics of grammar and building a solid foundation. You don’t have to memorize everything either, you practice as you go and really start to pick things up just from speaking and practicing in the lessons. I have a feeling I will be very good at Spanish by the end of the year. Not fluent but I will know a lot!
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